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  1. Ethics
  2. Confidentiality
  3. Transparency
  4. In-depth knowledge
  5. Innovative
  6. Customer centricity
  7. Performance oriented


Sandra Ralston, MRICS

20 years of experience in the Real Estate industry, having achieved a CEO position in Wtorre Guanandi, BN Corp Merrill Lynch, and JLL and vice presidency of Colliers do Brasil.

Sandra Ralston, MRICS


Sueli Nagata

More than 20 years of experience in the Real Estate, working with high-end corporate properties, serving large companies: Representation of Occupants, Management of Real Estate Portfolios, Expansion and Merger of networks, aimed at the industrial markets, Offices and Retail.

Cesar Eduardo Caputo

Graduated in Civil Construction Technology, MBA in Business and Enterprise Management in Civil Construction with Emphasis on Real Estate. Specialist in feasibility studies and valuations of real estate-based projects, as well as strategic analysis of profitability in real estate portfolios. Worked at CBRE, JLL, InPar and Rossi Residencial.


Leandro Jubilato

Architect with over than20 years of experience in Facilities and Real Estate sector. Experience in design, planning, development and Real Estate operation  projects.

Marina Markoff

More than 10 years of experience in global companies, developing brand and product positioning strategies and digital Marketing.


Sandra Ralston | cel. 11 99952-7772

Sueli Nagata | cel. 11 99619-4431

Leandro Jubilato | cel. 98167-0648

Marina Markoff | cel.11 98118-4467


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